Our security script monitors bandwidth (which files you've downloaded) geo-location,
and individual IP addresses, to prevent unauthorized password sharing.

Download your video(s) within 72 hours after your webinar, keep them in a safe place
and make a backup (we recommend an external USB drive, in addition to your C: drive)... thanks!

"How to download our videos"... here's a basic how-to video for those who are unfamiliar with how to
download large video files from the internet that I produced to help:

Help/FAQ: Read all the tips here:


How do I download the video from the link in the email? When I try and click on the link, I can't get into the download area using the login and password you sent.

Answer: I always personally test the logins/passwords myself, so I know they work fine, before sending out. I get a few traders (<5%) that occasionally have trouble logging into to get a video download. Without exception, I've found when talking to traders on the phone that they've either mis-typed or mis-entered the login and password I sent, and/or they could fix it by using a different browser. Logins and passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. So if the login I provide is "trader88yt" you can't enter "TrADER88yt". And you can't add an extra space at the beginning, or end. Enter everything exactly as shown. No quotes, no extra spaces, no Upper case letters, if your login has all lower case letters.

TIP: Also try using a DIFFERENT BROWSER like Google Chrome, (or, IE / FF whichever one you're not currently using). www.google.com/chrome
You shouldn't have to use a different browser, but if your security settings are nonstandard than you may not be able to login. So use a different browser and/or pc.

FAQ: How do I download the video from the link in the email? (when I click on it, it starts playing in my media player, but does not download).

ANSWER: In the welcome email, you'll see links to the video(s) that come with your system. It's very important that you RIGHT click on the link and choose file/save link as (firefox) or file/save target as (IE) to download. That means use your right mouse button, not the left one you use to click on links on websites. Right click/file save. Do NOT LEFT click on the video link URL, INSTEAD use your RIGHT mouse button, hold it down and choose file/save link (or target)as to save the file from the link that's in your email . This will open up a windows explorer window to let you choose where to save the video file on your hard drive. Please keep a backup of any downloaded videos in a safe place (eg burn a copy to a dvd/cd, or copy to another drive to back it up, in case your primary hard drive goes out in the future).


TIP #1) Cut and paste the video download URL into your browser address bar at the top of your browser. It should prompt you to file/save as. Be sure to click the radio button that shows "Save File", Not "open with Windows Media Player":

FAQ: After I download the video, I can not see it play back correctly (PC), what do I do?

Answer: My videos are encoded in standard .wmv format, which is playable using windows media player. Sometimes people have old versions of media player installed, and/or outdated codecs, which enable watching videos.

Make sure you have the latest windows media player installed, from this link:


And, make sure your download was not interrupted during the download process; re-download the video if you've a) installed latest windows media player and codecs and b) you still can't see it, or it cuts out midway or partway through the video (that means that you may not have completely downloaded the file).

FAQ: After I download the video, I can not see it play back correctly (Mac), what do I do?

We recommend you download and use the Flip4Mac free plugin: http://flip4mac-wmv.en.softonic.com/mac


or this media player (best solution): http://vlc-media-player.en.softonic.com/

See this page:

Please do not contact us until after you've done the above steps, as they always solve any media playback questions.


UPDATE Nov 3, 2011 -- Tips for Webinar Video Downloadable Recordings

FAQ: Help my webinar video stops playing back 10-15 minutes through and doesn't complete.

Answer: This is likely because you didn't fully download the video, and are watching a partial video. Make sure to use a download manager if possible (I recommend http://www.speedbit.com or http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com ) since my webinar videos are usually 150-250 Mb in size.

After you've downloaded a webinar video, please load it up immediately using windows media player (or other media player) and clicking toward the end of the file to make sure you've fully downloaded it. Sometimes internet connections are interrupted, or brief power spikes or the user inadvertently closing their browser while the video is still downloading in the background, causes videos to not be completely downloaded. So please check your video as soon as you download it.

FAQ: How long do you keep your webinars online for me to download?
Answer: To conserve bandwidth and server space, I allow traders 3-5 days following each webinar to download it. After that time I remove it from my server permanently. Please be responsible and download your webinar video within 24-48 hours after you receive your individual download link, as I specifically ask in the email you'll get. All downloads are IP-address tracked for security, maximum 3 download attempts.

Security: Limit logins to a single computer/physical location:



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